10/2016 – Presented at SCCS – NY 2016 on the political ecology of the ivory as part of a workshop in social media engagement with Dr. Josh Drew.

06/2016 – Received a WOS Research Grant from the Wilson Ornithological Society to continue conducting my work on characterizing the male-like female morph across the hummingbird lineage!

05/2016 – Received a Columbia University E3B Summer Research Grant to fund my thesis work on determining the evolution and function of male-like female polymorphisms in hummingbirds!

04/2016 – Presented a paper talk at AAG 2016 on Political ecologies of conservation militarization in African parks: a scalar analysis of “Shoot-to-Kill” policy and the ivory trade. (Co-author: Jeff Rose)

03/2016 – Awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Honorable Mention